Preserving the unique character of our town while addressing unnecessary regulations is a priority. Let's work towards the following improvements:

1. Point of Sale Escrow System:
   - Streamline the point of sale inspection process, focusing on violations that genuinely impact safety and value.
   - Ensure that purchasers are actively informed of their right to appeal inspection findings within a 90-day window.
   - Allow repairs to be paid from the escrow account, with automatically issued building permits at no additional cost.

2. Exterior Home Inspections:
   - Eliminate unnecessary requirements for expensive and burdensome building materials, prioritizing safety instead.
   - Maintain inspections focusing on safety concerns and essential maintenance.

3. Town Building Code:
   - Justify each provision of the building code based on its impact on safety and quality of life for occupants and neighbors.
   - Remove arbitrary requirements, such as the restriction on the type of window over the kitchen sink, which adds unnecessary renovation costs without significant functional or aesthetic benefits.

Together, we can foster a balanced regulatory environment that ensures safety, respects residents' needs, and enhances the overall quality of life in our town.